We’d like to introduce our flagship service to you. When you become a Bluewyre Managed Services customer, our entire information technology infrastructure is available at your fingertips!


Every organization has IT requirements — workstations, servers, network, phone systems, email systems and more. The modern work environment is connected and networked, and now requires a dedicated staff just to maintain that infrastructure. Instead of hiring your own internal IT workforce, contract with Bluewyre  and enjoy the immediate benefits of over two decades of experience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week system monitoring with stand-by technicians who are ready to go to work for you.


Our Managed Services approach is unparalleled in the industry. We like to compare our services with the preventative healthcare concept: We work 24/7 to monitor, detect and fix anomalies before they turn into problems which can cause infrastructure downtime, loss of production and loss of revenue. When you are a Managed Services customer, you’ll have peace of mind that your IT department is working for you.


Our Managed Services solution can be mixed and matched to fit the needs of your business. We offer the following solutions:


Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? Are you ready for the unexpected? We assist with the development and implementation of a business continuity plan to maximize the availability of your system infrastructure.


Bluewyre employs various kinds of technology solutions to achieve an always-on, always-available technology infrastructure for you. We leverage our datacenter facilities, network operation center, automated monitoring systems, and our team of experienced professionals.

  • We utilize virtualization technology to keep mission critical infrastructure, such as website and email, BlackBerry access, accounting systems, and even phone systems online.
  • We replicate important data to offsite locations for both storage and disaster recovery.
  • We use remote connectivity technology to make servers across the country function as if they are right in the other room.


Did you know 70% of businesses that suffer a serious data loss are out of business in? Bluewyre  provides a simple, comprehensive backup and recovery solution for your organization. We take your data stored locally on your computers and automatically replicate it to our offsite datacenter. We also implement a disaster recovery system, which enables us to restore your computer systems to a working state quickly, without loosing any important company information.


Bluewyre  is a full service hosting company with solutions for both small business and enterprise. Servers are located in our Tier-1 datacenter, and are monitored by our network operations center. Our hosting infrastructure is the “backbone” of our business continuity, disaster recovery, email and other valued services. Be sure to inquire about our email and spam filtering services and our business continuity planning services for disaster preparedness.


As a certified Microsoft Partner, Bluewyre  provides turn-key email hosting and calendaring for your organization using the Exchange platform. Our email hosting is always available and requires absolutely no hardware purchase or installation on site. All accounts come with our Web-based email platform, enabling your team to access emails while mobile, at home or on vacation.


Do you have a plan to deal with power outages, network downtime, or natural disasters for your server equipment? Move your servers out of your office, and into our datacenter! Our co-location facilities are designed to keep your equipment running – all the time, and dependably, even when the power goes out and if natural disasters strike. When you co-locate your equipment, you can have peace of mind that your infrastructure will continue running at all times.


Virtualization allows you to pay for what you need, when you need it. When compared to purchasing and maintaining your own servers, or even when renting dedicated servers, our virtualized hosting platform gives you the most flexibility to run your required infrastructure. When developing a business continuity plan, virtualization technology, along with our other hosting services, can provide an excellent method to diversify your server technology and remain online during times of downtime at your location.

Did you know that spam represents over 80% of all email sent and recieved on the entire Internet? Bluewyre  email filtering service is a powerful and effective email security solution and will eliminate spam, viruses and malware from your company’s email. Inquire about our full service hosting services, which include co-location, virtualization and email hosting.


Bluewyre provides a scalable, convenient and powerful solution designed to eliminate unwanted email content. Our system can be activated quickly and requires absolutely no hardware to be purchased or installed at your location. Bluewyre  email system is geographically neutral, allowing us to serve customers in any part of the country. We can even serve customers with multiple locations.


Is your data secure from hackers? Do you have safeguards in place to allow access only from authorized individuals? The Bluewyre  team is well versed in network security — We utilize tools such as firewalls, vulnerability scanners, and automatic system monitoring for problem detection. Let us apply our knowledge to your network and server infrastructure so you can have peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.


Bluewyre  provides a complete suite of network design and implementation on location for both small business and enterprise. Inquire about our other services such as IT Managed Services, Business Continuity Planning, as well as our Hosting Services for a complete turn-key solution.


The Bluewyre team will work with you to design a robust and secure network for your organization. Do you have multiple locations, off-site employees, or servers? No problem! Our solutions are comprehensive, flexible and affordable. Best of all, they are designed to grow with your organization as you expand your operations.Supplement your network infrastructure with wireless access points for laptops and other mobile devices, or connect remote locations where traditional wired networks are cost-prohibitive or technically challenging. Bluewyre  will work with you to implement wireless in a cost effective and secure manner.


Bluewyre  has many products and services in our portfolio. In addition to our various security related, hosting, and consulting services, our team also can offer a few value-added services to your organization.


In the modern business environment, mobile devices now play an important role for both small business and enterprise. BlackBerry devices keep team members connected while off site, and new Android and iPad devices come equipped with specialized apps allowing many useful business functions to be handled on-demand. Bluewyre can help with the procurement, ongoing maintenance and address security concerns within the organization.


Remote connection systems allow your staff to connect and use servers in remote locations, either down the hall or across the country! Your organization can centralize certain operations in the datacenter or cloud, and replace expensive workstations with inexpensive “thin client” workstations designed to seamlessly operate off of the remote server — saving you hardware, licensing and maintenance costs.


Is your organization expanding or changing? Do you have an in-house project that requires a specialized skill? Our staff augmentation program is an excellent choice to add key talent to your existing team for short or fixed terms. Bluewyre  can provide your team with expert consultants, immediately augmenting your existing staff to handle extra work load or specialized projects.


Is it time to upgrade or replace your old workstations, laptops, printers or failed components? Bluewyre  makes the process of hardware procurement quick and easy — as part of a managed services contract, or stand alone job, we know how to find the right tool for the right price.


What would happen if your infrastructure were to suddenly fail at 4am? Do you have staff that can solve an email server problem before the next business day?

Bluewyre  can monitor your servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and identify potential risks before they become interruptions to business operations. Our network operations center is staffed during normal business hours, and on-call technicians are available during all times to respond to monitoring events. We monitor things like web and email server systems, database servers, file servers, and check for things like internet connectivity, temperature, data storage devices, and much more. In the event that an issue arises with your systems, immediate steps are taken to ensure that you remain online and functioning.

Customers who take advantage of our Managed Services solutions are monitored using our system. Also, customers who use Bluewyre  to host their email, or who have co-located or virtual servers also take advantage of our networking monitoring infrastructure.

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Good IT Support is about taking the stress out of running the business. That is why we combine advanced management technologies and a customer service focus, blended with highly experienced Microsoft consultants, provide the perfect recipe.


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