Bluewyre Electronic Medical Record Systems

Health Charting System

These are the major features of Bluewyre Electronic Medical Record Systems out-of-the-box:

Chart features:

  • Active issues list
  • Medication list
  • Supplements list
  • Allergy list
  • Past encounters
  • Organized document handling system
  • Automated task reminder and alert system
  • Ability to create personalized templates for the HPI (history of illness), ROS (review of systems), and PE (physical examination).
  • Ability to create personalized electronic patient forms for the patient portal.
  • Online scheduling with individualized visit types

Provider ordering features:

  • Computerized provider order entry (CPOE)
  • E-Prescribing
  • Checks for medication interactions whenever a new prescription is made
  • Patient instructions with Vivacare online patient instructions (enrollment is needed to use this service, which is free)

Practice management features:

  • Export claims to HCFA-1500 format as a PDF document
  • Export claims as a batch or single print image text file that can uploaded to a claims clearinghouse (such as Office Ally, which is free)
  • Ability to track remaining balances to a claim
  • Ability to track revenues month-to-month or year-to-year
  • Health supplements documentation and inventory tracking
  • Vaccine documentation and inventory tracking
  • Ability to create tags for encounters, messages, and documents
  • Ability to query your patients based on age, gender, issues, diagnoses, medications, supplements, and tags

Patient Portal features:

  • Secure messaging to the provider or the provider’s assistant(s)
  • Schedule appointments online with the provider
  • Automatic appointment reminders via email or SMS
  • Review lab results and other health-care related documents in the patient’s chart
  • Patients can fill out personalized electronic forms (registration forms, social history forms, anything else you like!) that directly integrate in the patient encounter with a click of a button

Communication features:

  • Generate clinical summaries via a Continuity of Care Record
  • Print a partial or entire chart into PDF format, or directly fax the document
  • Export health related information in a standardized format called the C-CDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture).
  • Import documents via uploading PDF’s or faxing

Pediatric features:

  • Growth charts
  • Immunization tracking
  • Well child check documentation
  • Vaccine information Sheet printouts

Our easy-to-use EMR & hospital system

Patient Registration

Register patients with their demographics, identification,     contact, relationships & other details. Search patients. Print patient ID cards.

Clinical  Services

Capture, maintain and access clinical records of patients. Create general and disease specific forms. Capture drug prescriptions and order lab, radiology, other investigations or procedures. Use pre-created drug prescription templates.


Manage patients' orders, samples and tests. Get bird's eye view of lab's work load. Send samples for referrals.

Inpatient Management

Manage patient's admission, perform bed assignments and track ward occupancy.

Stock Management

Manage, track, reorder medicines and other supplies. Move and monitor stock levels.

Billing, Accounting

Manage and maintain accurate records of all bills and financial transactions.


Perform operational, clinical, and public health reporting.

Bluewyre Offers On-Premise and Cloud-based Solutions

"Run our system on your own servers on location'' "Deploy our system to the cloud"


Manage patient information across registration, point of care, investigations, and billing


Allows for unique workflows and processes based on each hospital's needs


Simple to use at the point-of-care, with minimal training required


Host and operate at the hospital site, requiring no dependence on the Internet


Our system can be used on a variety of devices, including tablets and laptops


Bluewyre also provides cloud hosted services for our Healthcare Information systems. The prescription for better healthcare is in the cloud.

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